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Test Efficiently with our MobileDetect Bio BCC19 Test Kit (MD-Bio BCC19)

Fast, simple, accurate COVID-19 testing using our specially designed MD-Bio BCC19 Test Kits

Same Hour Results

Results are available only 30 minutes after processing.

Highest Accuracy

MD-Bio BCC19 allows for ~97% accurate results.

FDA Approved

Our MD-Bio BCC19 Test is the only FDA approved IVD product of its kind.

Perfect for Mobile Testing

Allows for rapid deployment in any environment for immediate testing.


Test Kit Procedures

Simple and swift testing for COVID-19 using our Test Kit:

1. Apply nasal/oral swab to patient and insert sample into UTM tube

2. Apply reagents and sample into cuvette

3. Heat up to 96 tests at once within 30 minutes using the portable thermal heater.

4. Insert tests into stand for automated analysis.

Although not required for determining results, the free MobileDetect mobile application can be used to quickly scan results through QR as well as keep track of time, date, location, patient information, and reports.


MD-Bio BCC19 Test Kit

The test kit features RT-LAMP technology with comparable results to laboratory standard RT-PCR. It will detect active COVID-19 infections even if the individual is asymptomatic.

The test kit can process between 8 and 96 samples within a single 30 minute cycle from either nasal or oral swab tests.

Test results are easy to determine with Yellow for positive and Red for negative


Let us Prepare You

Interested in utilizing our test kits for efficient COVID-19 testing? We will send a team of experts to guide and facilitate the use of our test kits at your location.

Our kit options include the standard 96 test capacity as well as the bulk 960 capacity, each with their own respective case that comes prepped and ready for deployment at anywhere, anytime.

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960 Tests

96 Tests

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